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Post by s7trif3 on Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:36 am

I picked linguistics as a secondary skill particularly separate from languages in part due with my character's paradigm as it deals with the abstract parts of language itself, which is an important part of his personal paradigm development. Basically, linguistics can delve into structure and theory, sociology, psychology. You can learn about language constructions without even learning a particular language itself in a speaking/writing fluency sense. Language-study are in part a practical application to a degree and it's definitely related obviously (though there are also applied linguistics and many other sub-disciplines in each).

So yes in English Lit class, he read Chaucer, in Greek class he learned to speak and read Greek, in church he read the original text of the New Testament in Koine Greek. In Linguistics he studied languages abstractly - , uncover root principles underlaying human languages and describe language relationships and systems, and consider the relationship between meaning and sound (or symbol). For him this was studying the language tree (which is mirrored in the Umbra as the river of language), asking questions about why some languages were used or spread the way they did and how they shared similarities or differences, and how vibration (sound) affects the universe (which eventually led to his awakening alongside learning from his pater).

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