Clearification for what is happening in the basement.

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Clearification for what is happening in the basement.

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:38 pm

This is what is happening in the fight in the basement. Steelhaven's basement are parted into two sections, one for magick with labs and ritual rooms and one for practical things like storage and the wash room, the fight is in the practical hallway, a short hallway with doors on either side. Siege the Nephandi prisoner managed to escape since his Avatar is a Phylactery and he had swallowed it and the Phylactery was not affected by the serum used to bind his powers, when the time was right he undid his bonds, stepped into the Umbra, went to the room the vampires where kept in, burned and cut them, cast a spell on them for them to do as much damage as possible and scared them into the red fear and let them loose in the corridor while taking their guard Andrew hostage. Henrietta was hurt when the vampires rushed out of the room.

Serge have managed to calm the vampires down and get them out of the red fear, Ty and Colin have been trying to calm them further down and they are now sitting on the floor, unstable but at least not running around. Colin and Serge have been trying to talk Siege down or at least to distract him and got some information but little else. Serge tried to affect Siege's mind but failed. Reinforcements have come running down the stairs.

Adjan and Kristina have pulled Henrietta to safety and Kristina is trying to heal her. Colin managed to trick Siege to look into his mind where he showed a horror from a past memory that he kept in the forefront of his mind, this shocked the Nephandus enough to loose his knife and pull away from Andrew and now he is trying to cast a spell. Nicole pulled Andrew out of harms way. Colin is aiming at the Nephandus and the rest is getting ready to fight.
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